Due to the current state of the Songbird market the Xmas Elves NFT collection is in hiatus.

***If you have xmaselves nfts staked please unstake them by 23:59 UTC on 10th September as the staking site will cease on this date.***

When we began work on the xmas elves project in December 2021 the SGB token was worth around 28 cents. By the time the project was released in March 2022 the price had dropped to around 7 cents. By March 2023 the price had dropped below 1 cent per token.

The numbers of buyers and sales in the marketplace in general had also been dropping and more and more collections were seeing few or no sales At this point the project became financially unsustainable as contract and hosting fees are obviously still having to be paid in fiat currency.

We are currently looking into other options and formats for the project.

Did you know?

The Xmas Elves NFT collection is the first ever annual NFT collection and the only NFT collection which allows you to build your own personal Team of nfts by collecting matched elves from each collection. Each Christmas the elves will return in another collection with a new theme. The theme of the 2022 collection is reindeer care.


Quarter 2 / 2022

  • Adding a backstory for the elves – Added 24th May 2022
  • Adding a Buddy elf claim listAdded 3 June 2022

Quarter 3 / 2022

  • Release of Xmas Elves in July collectionReleased 24th July 2022
  • Creation of an elf traits databaseAdded 23rd August 2022

Quarter 4 / 2022

  • Implementing a staking systemReleased 14th September 2022
  • Release of the Xmas Elves 2022 collection

Ongoing – release of a new collection every December.

How The Elves Came To Be.

By Tannille Millikan

The words of “Jingle Bells” floated on the air as Santa drove his sleigh through the sky. The Northern Lights danced, the colours caressing the land. The reindeers bells jingled in time with his song and Santa laughed merrily at the sound.

His belly shook and tears of laughter ran down his face and splashed into the snow. In a moment of christmas magic little clear coloured elves formed as his joyful tears merged with the ice. As the elves grew, the northern lights shone down on the creatures, reflecting the colours around them through their little bodies. Each elf absorbed the colours reflecting through their bodies and soon their skins were a rainbow of different hues. Each elf developed a unique skin, eye, and hair colour combination.  

The jolly man rubbed his long white beard as he stared at them all. What am I going to do with all the little darlings? He rounded the elves up and took them home. They grabbed up his tools and began making toys and gifts with gusto, all the while chattering and laughing. How delighted he was; they’d inherited not only his sense of joy but his skills as well! A factory was born. Christmas transformed. 

Santa took his gifts global. Distribution hubs popped up all over the world, each one operated by elves, while Santa managed The North Pole headquarters. December Christmas celebrations expanded to Christmas in July.

But every day of the year is a great day to hang out with a Christmas Elf!